Playa El Tunco and Brew Great news!

We have exciting news to share! We finalized a major investment partnership with a very strong group of Salvadoran partners to dramatically grow and improve the Brew Revolution for El Tunco and El Salvador. With the new team we can finally expand to meet the crazily increasing demand for our beer both in El Salvador and internationally. The team is investing tremendously to grow and improve operations, quality control, logistics and marketing. A few of the exciting things that the new team will be focusing on include: growing the brand internationally and exporting our beers throughout Latin America and the United States and refocusing our efforts and promotion to make El Tunco even more world famous. Nanelle and I will be focused on developing the international markets, especially the U.S. We will be relocating to San Diego, CA to head up the sales efforts there. We will still be returning periodically to our beloved El Salvador to help develop new beers, spearhead the expansion and branding. But we will be living in Coronado, CA (still blocks from the beach!) while the team here handles operations. The Brew beers will remain the same even as we continue to release new seasonals. And as our capacity and quality increases even more we will be available in many more locations in El Salvador. So get ready to ROCK El Salvadoran Craft Beer fans. The future is bright!

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I am the coffee roasting, beer brewing husband of which Nanelle speaks. I am a bit of chaos and a lot of energy in a relaxed package. I am the father of Jacob, Aaron and Emme.

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4 Responses to “Playa El Tunco and Brew Great news!”

  1. Carlos Osegueda Says:

    Even though I like beer i was actually more interested in the blog and vistas from your blog about El Salvador. But still … congratulations

  2. monica Says:

    This is really terrific news! I've really enjoyed reading your blog for some time now and glad to know that things are looking good for you all.

  3. julie Says:

    Wow – congrats! So you have become "good enough to sell out" (as expats) – jajaja. But truly, congratulations on your success. It is an expat success story, after all.

  4. Cecilia Says:

    First of all, congratulations on your success! Looks like we will be trading places. We are relocating from San Diego to San Salvador in a couple months. Also on an entrepreneurial adventure. Not as fun as yours but hopefully just as rewarding and successful.